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A Fully Integrated EDM Solution to Support Big Data Analytics

Leveraging data strategies to innovate and compete is vital to the success of any business in today’s economy. Too often companies struggle unnecessarily with:

  • Data siloed across multiple applications / systems
  • Disparate replication of data from multiple source files (multiple version of the truth)
  • Slow retrieval and processing of key business data
  • Data not clean enough to use
  • Point solutions that require many man hours to integrate

Enterprise Data Warehouse

DataStreams solutions provide you with the tools you need to integrate, access and manage all of your data resources. They ensure your data is highly responsive and rock solid enabling you to leverage your data to innovate and compete at the top of your market. Backed by solid advanced data consolidation technologies, DataStreams provides an unparalleled data management solution that reduces cost through better utilization of resources. With exceptional ETL processes at its core DataStreams ensures your initial data processing and data integration is seamless – and stays that way as new data sources come online.

Built on the belief that you should only purchase the solution sets or components you need when you need them DataStreams’ suite of products not only provides you with this flexibility they also integrate into one seamless solution no matter which components you add when. DataStreams’ products also integrate seamlessly with Hadoop with the power to process big data. DataStreams comprehensive set of solutions simply delivers.

Superior ROI through:

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3X increase in performance over other solution providers

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Reduced utilization of CPU resources for lower infrastructure costs

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Intuitive user interface reduces need for expensive services and talent

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