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MasterStream™ is a master data management (MDM) solution that improves businesses agility by consolidating critical data across your enterprise ensuring it is consistent and reliable. Using both consolidated and transactional (or centralized) data collection architectures it verifies and simultaneously distributes data to support quick decision making with reliable statistical analysis to help reduce cost, improve operations and drive revenue. Data, including legacy systems, is integrated, synchronized, monitored and verified by business rules before it is referred by the application system ensuring the data you run your business decisions on is always nimble and accurate.


Key Features:
  • Improve efficiency by sharing high quality key data with enterprise user's
  • Improves operating standards and performance indexes by reusing business rules
  • Accelerates business decision with reliable statistical data analysis from across your enterprise
  • Reduces maintenance costs by improved integration and standardization of operating systems
  • Improves scalability for new change systems
  • Provides global data management compliance and audit management

“Emerging academic research suggests that companies that use data and business analytics to guide decision making are more productive and experience higher returns on equity than competitors that don't.”

McKinsey Global Institute

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