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High Performance ETL, Data Integration & Batch Processing

TeraStream™ is the cornerstone of DataStreams’ Enterprise Data Management solution. Designed from the beginning to handle the processing of high volume data sets it strips the job processing time out of this burdensome effort to deliver high quality data integration and continuity. Not only does it reduce the time it takes to perform high-volume batch processing, real-time data connectivity and data conversion, it does these functions with a lower burden on your system resources reducing your overall costs. Terastreams supports a range of underlying data technologies and moves data seamlessly between relational and non-relational structures enabling companies to retain and analyze more data, faster. As with all of DataStreams’ solutions, the easy to use graphical interface simplifies the learning curve and development time.

Real Time Data Integration

DeltaStream™ is a highly scalable real-time CDC (Change Data Capture) and high-speed data replication solution. With the variety, velocity and volume of data that moves across an enterprise it's essential to provide responsive accurate data for more agile business decision-making capabilities. DeltaStream's integrated ETL module TeraNRT™ captures data near real time in any format from any system. It automatically detects data change information from transaction logs even at the lowest level and transfers it to a target system. With DeltaStream you make better decisions faster since changes are made to enterprise data while operational systems are running, eliminating the need for any downtime.

"If we do not improve on our collection, integration, analysis and productive use of information across data silos, we will destroy our business."

Excerpt from: MIT Sloan Management Review study on Data & Analytics

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