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DataStreams serves hundreds of customers among them some of the leading corporations across many industry verticals. DataStreams’ client list includes 3 of the top 10 global manufacturing companies, 5 of the top 40 global insurance companies and one of the top 10 global securities companies. In Korea alone, DataStreams’ EDM solution suite is used by 90% of the banking industry.

Clients around the world for DataStreams
Utilities and other energy providers have the potential to reinvent themselves as they take advantage of the vast amounts data being generated through smart grid technology. Using DataStreams’ integrated EDM solution suite to merge data from meters to cars to other telemetry systems will enable you to generate the insights needed to better understand everything from car charging to behavior around power consumption. The knowledge you gain will help you reduce costs while tailoring pricing according to peak usage.

Financial Services
The financial services industry is constrained by siloed data across legacy systems and multiple locations making it difficult to retain data integrity. Leverage DataStreams’ EDM solution suite regardless of where it is located to gain a holistic view of where your opportunities are to maximize revenue, ensure regulatory compliance and identify where you may be at risk from customer credit worthiness or fraudulent behavior .

DataStreams’ integrated EDM solution suite can help government agencies increase visibility into current processes, improve management systems and increase employee efficiency. Its near real time capabilities give you the ability to understand how to operate your agency more efficiently, optimize services and more quickly identify and prevent fraud saving millions to better serve the community.

Every telecommunications carrier is focused on optimizing the lifetime value of a customer and minimizing churn. DataStreams’ integrated EDM solution suite with its near real time capabilities and flexibility across legacy systems easily creates a consolidated view for you to predict the most valuable customers to retain and which customers are at risk to leave.

DataStreams helps insurers become more risk aware and price competitive by integrating both internal and external data sources to more accurately assess customer risk profiles. Using DataStreams’ integrated EDM solution suite, you can customize pricing based on actual customer behavior, and educate and influence customers to reduce their risk profile.

DataStream’s high performance EDM solution ensures manufacturers can rely on the highest quality data to gain a big picture view of their operations. Increased visibility and data quality using DataStreams’ integrated EDM solution suite will enable you to streamline operations, improve employee performance and increase ROI.

Retail & Advertising
DataStreams helps retailers and advertising agencies maximize profits from every SKU and every store. With its high performance processing, retailers and advertisers will effortlessly understand customer buying behavior to tailor the optimal offer for each customer. DataStreams’ EDM integrated solution suite with its near real time capabilities will help you quickly learn if your new product is a dud or flying off the shelves so you prevent out of stocks and increase revenue.

From healthcare providers to payers there is a vast amount of data both internal and external to be integrated to tackle difficult underlying issues. Healthcare agencies are grappling with challenges like high incidence and costs of lifestyle and behavior-induced disease, minimizing any economic distortion between consumers and providers, and reducing the administrative complexity and fraud in the payer system. DataStreams’ integrated EDM solution suite lets you leverage data across organizations and technology to enable better health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.

Transportation is the life force of the global economy. Yet many companies struggle to handle and serve the needs of their customer base from city governments addressing traffic calming initiatives, to the travel industry and freight industry. Leveraging DataStreams’ integrated EDM solution suite you can analyze real-time data streams to identify traffic patterns, identify urban roadway congestion by predicting traffic conditions or eliminate supply chain waste by consolidating shipments and optimizing freight movement.

DataStreams is proud to have Hewlett Packard and SAP, two of the leading global companies, as partners. DataStreams is looking to grow its global partner program. For more information, please contact Ms. JinHee Kim.

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